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If you do not wish to vote in person or you will not be attending the Special Meeting, you may dating by proxy.

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San Diego, CaliforniaU. What will be the consequences to the Company if stockholder approval of Proposal 2 is not obtained?

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ASX Listing Rule 7. This re-approval would allow the Amendment to take effect, as described in this Proxy Statement.

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Pacific Daylight Time which is 8: Why is stockholder approval necessary for the amendment to the Note Deed? Abstentions are counted for the purpose of determining the presence of a quorum.

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As summarized below, there are some distinctions between shares held of record and those owned beneficially and held in street name. If stockholders do not approve an adjournment of the Special Meeting and if an adjournment is needed, the Company would be placed in a position to arrange another special meeting to seek stockholder approval of Proposal 1. Each stockholder has one vote for each share of common stock held as of the Record Date.

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