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After the third episode was completed, there was another hiatus while the creative team reworked the rest of the season. While season 4 saw the first viewership numbers below 6 million for an episodes, season 5 saw the first viewership numbers to fall below 2 million an episode. The ten songs that received the most votes were to be featured in the episode.

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Lea Michele posted on Twitter on August 22,that her friend Phoebe Strole would be appearing on Glee during the season; her character, Penny Owen, was a sophomore in college and a new love interest for Sam Evans Chord Overstreet.

Blaine performs with June at her showcase, then mends fences with Kurt by asking him to sing a duet as an encore. O'Malley has confirmed that he will also be appearing on Glee in its fifth season, and Mays "has been cleared to appear in a few episodes" of the show.

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Sam and Mercedes hit a crossroads in their relationship when they realize that their commitment to each other may be too much to handle in the midst of diverging career paths. Artist, Benoist, Jenner, Newell and Tobin.

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The females include Stephen curry dating, a new African-American student at McKinley High, and two women in their twenties, Ryan, who sings and plays the guitar, and a "cute and quirky" character variously named Julie and Jenny, who will first appear in the second episode.