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Encajes y bordados online dating

Additionally, the plethora of social media platforms Additionally, the plethora of social media platforms has spurred academic interest into how social prejudices become digitized and how individuals interact with one another online.

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Through an analysis of four niche and two mainstream online dating platforms, this study finds that embedded biases and negative depictions of fat women are amplified on niche dating sites through the deliberate construction of a fat femininity in which fat female bodies are objectified, fetishized, and exploited as soft hot dating website for male users' sexual satisfaction. I conclude that without the coalescence of an intersectionally-focused fat community, fat women, particularly fat women of color, will continue to have their bodies debased for market consumption.

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However, scholars have yet to combine the physical and the digital in order to examine how niche online dating platforms mediate and limit the online identity creation of fat women. Online Dating While Fat MMUF As fat female bodies continue to garner the attention of scholars, research has primarily focused on the effects of anti-fat biases on the identities and lived experiences of fat women.

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