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Marine erosion On the western side of Leyte, assessed to be moderately to highly susceptible to marine erosion, are the coastal areas of Baybay City, from Barangay Hipusngo up north to Barangay Maybog, near the boundary with the municipality of Albuera.

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These coastal areas are mostly marked by long sandy beaches covered by unconsolidated alluvial deposits largely composed of sand, granules and pebbles that are easily carried away by waves and currents even at calm sea conditions. The MGB said the study showed that the erosion rate was further aggravated by the effects of strong typhoons, such as Yolanda and Ruping. The coastlines and porsche 911 back dating documents in the east are particularly dynamic, as they are often exposed to strong datings websites and storm surges generated hundreds of kilometers away in the Pacific Ocean.

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The presence of uprooted coconut trees, as well as partially or completely collapsed hard engineering coastal-protection structures, are indicative of severe coastal erosion in the past. Furthermore, the information yielded by the study is especially important, in light of potential future climate changes associated with rising sea levels, in reducing, if not totally inhibiting, the destructive effects of these changes on the coastal population.

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These are manifested in long sandy beaches, sheared coastal cliffs, dramatic headlands and, ultimately, the power of the Pacific Ocean that serves to erode and change the shape of the coast, especially during the monsoon season and typhoons.