Dating s w model 29 22 Smith & Wesson Model 10

Dating s w model 29 22

These include both factory and non-factory markings.

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It is noteworthy that early Victory Models did not always have the V prefix. Well, actually, there was one other change: Inside of the grip strap of the frame, the mill cut that forms the recess for the lip of the grip is not as deep necessitating a smaller lip on the grip.

Note the overlap in serial numbers between this and Type 2.

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Curry, San Francisco, on October 29, The model has also been offered throughout the years with both the round butt and square butt, i. Either they used some old frames or returned to making the additional cut of the breech face. Even today, there are those who look favorably toward the.

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In a mowed pasture I was getting about 60 percent hits on the rodents at 50 to 60 yards with the Model Not long ago, I enjoyed a day of chisler shooting with both of my K revolvers-a vintage Model 17 and a vintage Model 48 that I acquired recently. I am not sure about this one.

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A large number of special markings are found on the Model No. Attempting a research project, making a study, or merely observing is both a rewarding and a frustrating experience.

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