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More videos Weinstein scandal deepens and darkens Rape, service and intimidation are just a few allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in an explosive New Yorker article. The son of famed film producer Frank Price, he has worked at Seattle-based Amazon sinceisa to his bio page at LinkedIn.

Related Articles 'Director assaulted me when I was 16' Hollywood Reporter said on Sunday Price's fiancee called off her wedding with the studio boss after the claims Price didn't respond to a request for comment.

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Michael Douglas denies sexual harassment Michael Douglas denies sexual harassment The US actor said he felt "the need to get ahead" when he became aware that a former employee was going to release claims. Emily Martin, vice president of workplace justice at the National Women's Law Center, said secrecy around sexual harassment investigations is common and has benefits for accusers and employers of the accused who can share a desire to keep the details private.

The company investigated the allegation at the time and said it addressed the dating, according to an August report in The Information. She said she was inspired to tell her story by the many women who came forward with accusations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

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While the allegation had been previously reported, she described the incident in detail to the Hollywood Reporter last week. Advertisement Amazon hasn't explained why it acted against Price now when Hackett first filed a complain in Amazon suspended Price last week.

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