Hyun young dating online Hyun Young is in a relationship

Hyun young dating online

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He also heard that 6 months ago, they broke up because Jongmin heard that he had to go to the military but after what happened their date in the car on New Year's Day ofhe says that they must be in a relationship. Most recently, Hyun Young even pointed out that rumors of them splitting up wasn't true at a press conference on 17th March.

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It felt like Jong Min was goofing around when he professed his love for Hyun Young but it eventually became real and they started dating. Jongmin was the one who confessed.

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And then they talk about how these two have been secretly dating. I can just imagine him going around calling her "Noona".

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Unless they still talk to each other formally? Sad that it has ended now.

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Check out this hilarious clip of them on Heroine 6. They say that Hyunyoung was at first shocked by Jongmin's confession, but she did start having feelings for him after seeing how true he was.

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OMG, so they're really together? They're both funny and they both seem so nice, haha.

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I'm really happy for this couple.