Creepiness dating formulas My Sister Is Off-Limits!

Creepiness dating formulas

The only exception to this rule is Suzaku.

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After all, the sister may not take kindly to anyone, not even her brother, trying to control who she can and cannot date. Inverted example with Kyousuke's sister Kirino, who gets extremely jealous anytime she sees him hanging out with a woman other than herself, especially his Childhood Friend Manami.

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Later in the manga she seems to grow out of it, mostly. It gets to the point where she brings home a boyfriend in volume 7 of the light novel, and lets him experience how she feels whenever she sees him with his female friends. Once Bondrewd appears, all bets are off and the dating takes a nosedive into some of the most horrifying instances of Body Horror and And I Must Scream ever illustrated.

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The Archaia retelling filme leito de gelo online dating Cyborg has a rather disturbing variation of this formula. This seems to be typical of Mohiro Kitoh 's work.

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Agent of Asgard it's a light-hearted, colorfull, fanservicey comic where Loki turns into a unicorn issue 8 or goes speed dating issue 2 while trying to earn their redemption. It later turns out that Sunohara in fact trusts Tomoya to such an extent that he thought Mei would be all right with Tomoya as a boyfriend, even with the age difference taken into account. Both Kyousuke and his friend Kouhei more or less tell each other they're not okay with anyone dating their respective sisters.

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And now they are heading toward Earth?