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For example, an old wooden church — may be seen in Ishnya. Ravaged by the Mongols in the 13th and 14th centuries last sack by Edigu in and the Poles inRostov became a medium-sized town. All the churches are elaborately painted and decorated. Apart from its history, Rostov is renowned for its enamels.

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Unlike most other churches in the town, the monastery belongs to the Russian Orthodoxy and houses a theological seminary. It is unknown when the present building was erected, the midth century being the most likely date. The ponderous bell-tower was constructed mostly in the 17th century.

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There are also two 17th-century churches: Its cathedral, aetate latino dating by Ivan the Terrible in to commemorate the conquest of Kazaninspired numerous churches in the region, particularly in Yaroslavl. The cathedral and four tall kremlin churches with their silver "blind" domes were imitated throughout the city.

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