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The fracture of the block of Arab Monarchies to help the western world to solve the terrorism problem, is the most important International political decision that has happened in the last 50 years. Or is it a political persecution of the Arab Sunni Monarchies against minority Shiites, which identify in many aspects with the western world culture?

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Gaddafi who considered Obama his best friend, resisted and finally was assassinated when driving his private car moving without military protection, from SIRTE, his native city, to a nearby place in Libya, in order to sign a supposed peace agreement with Hillary Clinton, according to a BBC version at that time. Everything began in More than 30 times in different situations Obama insisted that Assad must be cast out. This was accepting the petition of President Trump during his trip to the Arab continent, when in his speeches he said Arab countries were the only power that could eliminate ISIS, by stopping financial support, educating and controlling extremists in their own organizations.

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Mubarak recovered his liberty after being in jail for five years, and Egypt is the only country where people have been living a relatively peaceful life. In Russia decided to join the war siding with Assad which was a surprise for Obama who thought in advance that Putin would be the person to help him kick Assad out of the country.

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Democrat Kucinich, who led the opposition of his party to the War, lost his curul, natasha barnard dating of retaliation of the White House. After four years of being controlled by the Alliance, under permanent military confrontation, the Assad Government retook total control of the city in January of Trump petition is working.

Gaddafi was replaced by Sunni terrorist groups.

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