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The provisions of this act outlawed the literacy tests that had kept so many Latinos out of the voting booth.

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They took their offices in Even after his career as a representative ended, Pacheco served in his later years as a minister to several Central American countries before his death in InSoto won reelection by 2, votes in the general election. In California, legislatures were able to divide a county or city into oddly shaped representational districts to give political advantage to Anglos in elections.

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During the Republican State Convention ofGovernor Stanford nominated Pacheco for the position of state treasurer. For the first time in California's legislative history, an agenda was established and legislative priorities were put forward to protect and preserve the rights of Latinos throughout California.

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But the conquerors -- once Mexico had requested peace -- signed a treaty and wrote a constitution that guaranteed citizenship and voting rights to the Californios who had well-established roots in this region. Bledsoe introduced an English literacy requirement as a proposed constitutional amendment in the State Assembly.

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One of the most successful tactics for limiting death penalty pros and cons yahoo dating representation is a practice known as gerrymandering.

The first session of the California Legislation after statehood commenced on January 6, and lasted until May 1, Inhe chose not to run for reelection.

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Another Californian landowner, Jose M.