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Remains of Viking farmstead near Ribblesdale, Yorkshire Dales. Sheepdog commemorative painted stones, Wensleydale, Yorkshire Dales.

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On the low side where the cattle were housedthe dung was shovelled through a hole into a muck-midden dung heapfrom which it would be deposited onto the fields in early springtime to improve the quality of hay. Image courtesy of Thomas Guignard via Flickr.

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However, they are huge structures, some more than 40 ft high, such as Mousa Broch on the Shetland Isles. I recintos informativos yahoo dating told by my mother that it probably lived in the wall, and I was puzzled and transfixed as to how an animal could actually live in the middle of a wall.

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These features can improve the aesthetic appeal of the wall, and usually serve a function purpose.