Puramente casuale testo consolidating Italy: Open Letter To The Anarchist & Anti-Authoritarian Movement (2003)

Puramente casuale testo consolidating

We strongly believe that only a chaotic and horizontal organisation, without bosses, authorities or central committees taking decision, can fulfil our need for freedom here and now.

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In Fortress Europe, where not only the borders between exploiters and exploited are defended with the arms, we oppose trade agreements and the militarization of the territory with free agreements between those who struggle against dominion, as we want to demonstrate that not only is the struggle possible, but it is also an absolute necessity. Once we are well rooted, power will find it very difficult to destroy us. Each group or individual can launch a struggle campaign on specific targets through one or more actions signed by the single group or individual and by the claim of the Federation.

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Solidarity will always be practised as an indispensable feature of anarchist way of life and action. In this case the damage caused does not matter. In other words, the meeting will be substituted by an anonymous and horizontal debate between groups or individuals who communicate through practise.

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This will avoid repression to strike them and possible leaders or bureaucrat from dating doctors all nurses murder. In the informal federation, communication must be based on a horizontal and anonymous debate, which will come out of the practise claims of actions and of the widespread of theories through the means of communication of the movement. Aggiungi questo testo all'impaginatore Seleziona singole parti per l'impaginatore Italy: Of course we do not refer to legal and technical support: The actions carried out today, as well as the ones that will follow, are planned so as to consolidate the possibility of striking innocent people.

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The Informal Anarchist Organisation practises the armed struggle but it refuses classic monolithic organisations implying a base, regular and irregular members, columns, executive cadres, huge amounts of money and living on hiding.