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Of the names of the hours, and the Angels ruling them. For in making a Circle, it ought to be considered in what time of the year, what day, and what hour, that you make the Circle; what Spirits you would call, to what Star and Region they do belong, and what functions they have.

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But because the greatest power is attributed to the Circles; For they are certain fortresses to defend the operators safe from the latino dating Spirits; In the first place we will treat concerning the composition of a Circle.

Therefore we shall first speak of the names of the hours.

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Fourthly, The name of the Angel that ruleth that day wherein you do the work, and the names of his ministers. In the fifth place, The name of the present time [i. In the second place, Write the name of the Angel of the hour.

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In brief, in this book are kept the principles of Magical conveyances. Eighthly, The name of the earth, according to that part of time [season] wherein you work. Sixthly, The name of the Spirits ruling in that part of time, and their Presidents.

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