Dating a neophiliacs Goodbye Culinary Cringe

Dating a neophiliacs

I have so many different boxes of cereal it rivals Seinfeld.

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That's not to say they want a truly old-fashioned English shop. Booksellers sinceHatchards is all creaking stairs and deep-pile carpets, with not a whiff of cappuccino. Walk round it now and you could be almost anywhere.

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Two years ago, this handsome art deco showroom was made over, too. The conversion of Fortnums has, I think, been much trickier. Surely the whole point of this dowager duchess of a shop is that it is poshly comforting, a place for treats and special occasions that looks, feels and smells exactly as it has always done.

The final result can now be seen, as the reopening of its St James's restaurant, one of the store's five places to eat and drink, completes the renovation.

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