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Fnb bank namibia online dating

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Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Account Services department at or visit any of our branch offices. All compromised cards will be cancelled no later than January 31, This person is saying that the electricity will be turned off if jamie bower campbell dating don't settle up their delinquent account by giving their credit card number over the phone.

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If you have given your card number to any merchants that automatically take a payment out of your account, you must contact those merchants when you receive your new card to update your payment information with them. When it sounds too good to be true Do NOT give any information to anyone calling with this claim. Please call us when you receive your new card, so we can activate the new card and cancel the old card.

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Sophisticated and efficient, these criminals recruit mules through legitimate job search and online dating sites, social media and online sales. Important information regarding the compromised cards at Target Stores Effective: This is a scam.

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Customers are being called by the suspected identity thief, who claims to be from LPEA. We are mailing notices to these customers to alert them of the situation.