Stanley plane dating Age of Bailey/Stanley planes

Stanley plane dating

If you discover any omissions or errors, please send a note and we'll make an effort to set things right.

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All of the elements of a truly "correct" plane will appear vertically within a common period of their use by Stanley. Because of his exceptional interest, patience, and knowledge, Jim has not only been a great contributor, but a good friend as well.

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AS well, additions and corrections have been added only to the derived HTML documents, so that the database is no longer accurate. The Database MegaChart appears as two vertically synchronized frames with no added comments.

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In addition, Jim has performed is performing the monumental task of line-checking the chart for accuracy. The time duration s of each stanley element shown as dots in pastel backgrounds. Frames presentation is required to allow scrolling in both directions.

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Smith in his two volumes devoted to the identification and segregation of antique tools, particularly of the Stanley planes, has provided the basis for continuing interpretive work such as that presented in The Stanley Bench Plane Dating Page found at Jay Sutherland's site. If you move it, it will just bounce back to match the Features List. Scroll vertically to the plane dating design element at left, then right-left in the right hand panel to find the era in which it il resto del carlino modena online dating manufactured.

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For those who'd like to have the base data spreadsheet, it's included in a zip file containing both Lotus parent and Excel derived formats.