Validating xml file against schema c# string Simple code to validate an XML file against a schema file (XSD)

Validating xml file against schema c# string

So I wrote a simple app that could do this validation.

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Since there was the need to verify that we didn't lose any data on the transfer of the file to our system, I decided on the XML file with schema not that I would ever choose a flat file over XML. Still the learning process is always enjoyable and never ends. Most of the code can be found in partial form in the Visual Studio help files.

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Not really a lot to it. While I was at it I decided it might be nice to validate the schema file all by itself. I am sure many of you already knew how to do this.

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Background I started working on a project where I had the option to use a flat file fixed length format or XML file with a schema. Read End While 'Close the reader.

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I figured this would also help catch any changes to the XML format. Then it is a big guessing game to what changed.

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You know how vendors change their format and don't tell you. Here is the code: I kind of wish you had published an article, it would have saved me some time.

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