Moms dating rules 5 Rules for Dating My Daughter

Moms dating rules

Giving an SM any allowance of your time, money, or attention only leads to trouble. Now before you guys start frothing at the mouth let me be clear: This is your only move in this scenario.

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I know this from personal experience. Do yourself a favor and do not connect with her children. Underestimating her ability to weasel her way into your resources would be a gross misstep on your part.

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If she raises hell about it, next her. Believing anything different will lead to your undoing. Anal sex, parking lot blow jobs, sex tapes, and nude pictures are just the tip of the iceberg.

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There is absolutely no mom to dating rules out your wallet for a woman who gets food and shelter from the government, financial favors from white knights, and monthly payments from the father s of her child ren. You never know what life is gonna throw you.

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