Wishy washy people relationships dating He Told Me He Was Wishy-Washy: Why This Should Have Been A Red Flag

Wishy washy people relationships dating

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But don't expect again. None of his habits bother me as far as I can tell and he hasn't said that any of mine bother him; we're both what I call "secret slobs"- we hate it when common areas are dirty, but our bedrooms are total disaster areas. Lots of fun and all that.

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I had just left an emotionally abusive relationship 3. I see people in what appear to be "hot" relationships and mine is definately not "hot".

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This definitely should have been a red flag. We would talk about his career. So, uh, that was long, but Anyways I decided that despite the feelings I had for him I wasn't willing to leave a great guy and gamble with such high stakes.

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He was a little jittery the next day, but quickly calmed down. I try not to push, but I'd like some help on ideas of how to reassure him that I won't turn crazy and that moving in and seriously discussing the future is a good step for our relationship.

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