Capture recapture simulation dating Multiple data sources improve DNA-based mark-recapture population estimates of grizzly bears

Capture recapture simulation dating

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Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Population statistical methods from field-biology are applied to time domain astronomy.

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Confronting this problem usually requires substantial sampling effort that can be difficult to achieve for some species, such as carnivores. The classical capture-recapture methods, Lincoln-Peterson, Schnabel estimators, related techniques, and newer methods implemented in the Rcapture package are compared.

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Simulation results suggest that estimators are potentially affected by correlation of capture probabilities between sample types in the presence of heterogeneity. The Blackbirds code simulates monitoring of populations of transients, in this case accreting binary stars neutron star or black hole accreting from a stellar companion under a range of observing strategies.

Empirical results indicate that, compared with hair-snag-only data, the joint hair-snag-rub-tree captures recapture simulation dating produce similar but more precise estimates if capture and recapture rates are reasonably high for both methods.

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This paper investigates the performance of Capture-Recapture methods in astronomy via a series of numerical simulations. A similar problem exists in the life sciences, where animal populations such as migratory birds or disease prevalence, must be estimated from sparse and incomplete data. Monitoring observations may give a biassed view of the underlying population due to limitations on observing time, visibility and instrumental britney spears is dating charlie ebersol. The class of methods termed Capture-Recapture is used to reconstruct population estimates from time-series records of encounters with the study population.

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We improved population estimates by incorporating additional DNA "captures" of grizzly bears obtained by collecting hair from unbaited bear rub trees concurrently with baited, grid-based, hair snag sampling. Overall, closed population Huggins-Pledger estimators showed the highest precision and were most robust to sparse data, heterogeneity, and capture probability correlation among sampling types.

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We first generate realistic light-curves for populations of binaries with contrasting orbital period distributions.