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Jimmy johns commercial speed dating

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Julie Seifert September 28, at Fan Works In Position Vacant 1: A clone malady has infected Lex Luthor's healthy clone body, causing him to declare war on Cadmus Project in order to find a cure, a street war that ultimately leaves Metropolis in ruins.

Interestingly, the two the head cheerleader ends up hiring don't even get an audition. Happens to Brian Flanagan at the beginning of Cocktail.

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Initially it seems a straightforward example, with them scornfully dismissing the clearly unqualified and as it later turns out, alcoholic first candidate. Appearing in Action Comicsthis story features the first appearance of both Brainiac and the bottle city of Kandor.

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In Shackleton the title character is interviewing people for his expedition, including a youth who prepared by taking a bath full of ice, and an army officer whose commanding officer was quite enthusiastic when he proposed taking off for the South Pole. Has been published continuously by DC Comics for nearly 80 years.

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A Kryptonite meteor that lands in Gotham is revealed to have contained Superman's cousin, Kara Zor-El, and the evil New God Darkseid targets her as a potential powerful minion.