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Creepypasta dating sim deviantart wallpaper

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That is until Saturday, when Jeff is woke up by his mother, with a happy, sunshiny face. He slowly raised the knife ready to plunge it into Liu.

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Jeff sat there, with no vision, no idea of what his surroundings were. There, in the little ray of light, illuminating from between my curtains, were a pair of two eyes.

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He hears Troy and Keith follow up behind. Liu held up the knife and dropped it to the ground. It might not have been super cool, but it was the first time he had done something that took his mind off of Liu.

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Several months later, on July 15th,Jadusable placed the game on an indefinite hold. He grabs the towel rack and rips it off the wall.

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Jeff wiped his eyes as best as he could. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he said it. They were bordered in black and… just plain out terrified me.

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Everybody started screaming as they saw Jeff, now a man on fire, drop to the ground, nearly dead.