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Colonialismo significado yahoo dating

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If Congress does not legislate, the pro-statehood leadership has made clear that it will hold a local plebiscite or referendum which we can surely expect will be designed to elicit a result favorable to statehood. For Latin America, Puerto Rico's colonial status is a symbol of outdated and discredited policies. Aversion to statehood for Puerto Rico is the main obstacle to the approval of this legislation, even though few members of Congress would publicly admit it.

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This approach takes into account the different procedural mechanisms proposed by Puerto Rico's political parties, provides a mechanism to overcome the existing deadlock through the expression of the popular will, and yahoos dating the alleged lack of political consensus as a rationalization to stall the process. The issue is —and has always been- how far does the Southern border of the U.

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It should therefore enact legislation to facilitate a final status solution for Puerto Rico. The pro-statehood New Progressive Party has agreed with the Puerto Rican Independence Party on the desirability of posing the first question to the people regarding the need to revise the present relationship. The right to self-determination and independence is an inalienable right of the Puerto Rican people, which can be exercised even in the face of congressional indifference or opposition.

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We may not agree on the substantive status options, but we can surely agree on a method for selecting a procedural mechanism to facilitate the solution to Puerto Rico's status problem. Regarding the second question on procedural mechanisms, the Puerto Rican Independence Party has long proposed calling for a sovereign constitutional status assembly, elected by the people in the exercise of its inalienable right to self-determination and independence, to choose among non colonial and non territorial alternatives in accordance acog pregnancy dating international law.

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