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Crossdating software testing

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Furthermore, besides external cues, intrinsic plant rhythms are likely to play some role in governing cambial activity e. Tropical tree rings and their associated characteristics can be used to reconstruct climate e.

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Statistical analyses include fire interval tests, seasonality summaries, and tests that detect changes in temporal or spatial aspects of fire regimes. Note that a tree ring may grow across two calendar years e.

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This is broadly similar to neighbouring Guyana where Cedrela flowers from August to November and fruiting occurs in January to March Polak ; ter Steege and Persaudthough leaf-fall software testing has also not been consistently observed here. Annual ring formation has now been shown in tropical tree species Brienen et al. This pattern is clear in samples from all of the sites in this study side panels, Fig.

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JCAB wrote the paper and also prepared all of the figures. Growth periodicity in Cedrela may be driven by variation in an external environmental signal e.

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Methods The samples used in this study came from four locations across the Amazon basin: Ulrich Luettge and the anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments. High resolution, electromagnetic wood density scanner; 3 LignoScop:

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