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The night of the awards banquet, Mason stands Alex up, leaving her devastated.

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Appalled by both of their behaviors that evening, Alex chooses neither and breaks up with Mason. A short battle ensues between Mason and Chase.

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Jul 08, 30 Mins Alex has been crowned Wizard of the Year after saving the world from dark angels, as well as being reinstated in the Wizard Competition, and a banquet honoring her achievement is hosted. However, Mason shows up late and sees Alex and Chase flirting together.

Alex soon breaks up the fight, and is forced to choose either Mason or Chase.

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With paparazzi in tow, Chase Riprock visits the lair to congratulate Alex. At the banquet, Chancellor TootieTootie tells Justin that his display of affection and pride for Alex may reinstate him into the competition, causing Justin to be frantic and do everything within his power to destroy the tape.

Later, Mason and Alex watch his gossip segment, and to their horror, Keith Keith confirms that Chase and Alex are dating.

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For Alex winning Wizard of the Year, the Russo family must record a holographic video congratulating Alex, however, much to Justin's displeasure, Justin's video instead only contains him complaining about Alex. Chase purposely invites himself to sit at the Russo's table.

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As he leaves, Keith Keith hounds them about being in a romantic relationship, to which Alex states she already has a boyfriend.