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The publication of Charles Darwin's Origin of Species led to new ways of thinking about classification based on evolutionary relationships.

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The advent of molecular genetics and statistical methodology allowed the creation of the modern era of "phylogenetic systems" based on cladistics, rather than morphology alone.

With the advent of such fields of study as phylogenetics, cladistics, and systematics, the Linnaean system has progressed to a system of modern biological classification based on the evolutionary relationships between organisms, both living and extinct. These were pre-evolutionary in thinking.

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In earlier literature, the term had a different meaning, referring to morphological taxonomy, and the products of research through the end of the 19th century. William Bertram Turrill introduced the term "alpha taxonomy" in a series of papers published in and in which he discussed the philosophy and possible future directions of the discipline of taxonomy.

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This approach was typified by those of Eichler and Engler — Earlier works were primarily descriptive, and focused on plants that were useful in agriculture or medicine.