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What one Guardian writer thought of her first foray into the world of Speed Dating. The manipulation between the light and the screen make silhouettes or colourful shadows, as the case may be, for the viewers who sit in front of the screen.

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Their costumes and headgears are designed in the medieval Rajasthani style of dress, which is prevalent even today. Although, Ravanachhaya puppets are smaller in size-the largest not more than two feet have no jointed limbs, they create very sensitive and lyrical shadows.

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Rod puppets are an extension of glove-puppets, but often much larger raja dhody dating divas supported and manipulated by rods from below. You guys are a dating changer! West Asia[ edit ] Karagoz, Turkish shadow puppetry Middle Eastern puppetry, like its other theatre forms, is influenced by the Islamic culture.

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This form is now almost extinct. Marionettes having jointed limbs controlled by strings allow far greater flexibility and are, therefore, the most articulate of the puppets.

Some of the more complicated movements of the puppet are manipulated by two to three puppeteers at a time.

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