Thor and storm dating divas Alternative versions of Storm

Thor and storm dating divas

Her appearance differs in that she has a black lightning tattoo over her left eye and a bob hair cut.

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Create a fake winter snowstorm — or wait for a real one to hit — and take cover in the bedroom! Later, in Ultimate Fallout, Quicksilver mentions a girl with the ability to change the weather with the power of her mind and comments that she's "being lobotomized.

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Whereas her mainstream counterpart develops acute claustrophobia, this Ororo develops a fear of drowning. He voluntarily became her food source so that she would not have to kill.

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He did not even want to participate in the contest in the 1st place. Fictional character biography[ edit ] After being bitten by DraculaStorm was transformed into a vampire. Thor isn't going to kill someone that far beneath him.

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They have two children: Diamond storm would probably die if she went toe to toe with thor. Leave a cute little invitation in the morning dmicdc tinder dating site build the anticipation for your intimate, one-on-one snow day!

He should've just crushed her hands, and being a warrior, he could've just kneed her in the gut.

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Art by Tom Raney. Plus, when Thor wants to kiss you, you have no say in the matter. She is killed by a demonically altered version of Kitty Pryde named Cat.

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