Jd howard stern dating game JD Harmeyer Moves in With Girlfriend, Reveals Proposal Could Be Months Away

Jd howard stern dating game

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The Howard Stern Show Howard's surrogate son and mumbling media producer extraordinaire JD Harmeyer is getting serious with his girlfriend. JD confirmed she was pushing for a proposal and further revealed "it will probably be in a few months. Howard asked to hear a preview of what the proposal would sound like if he wouldn't do it on the show, so JD offered his rough draft: Howard simply wanted to know where JD was going to jerk off now that he was living under the same roof as his girlfriend He did have one piece of important business figured out, though: Howard was quick dating 2 years no commitment come to the rescue: The biggest surprise of the day came when Howard asked JD whether a "mumbling baby" might be on the way, though.

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