Sobha developers projects in bangalore dating Sobha Developers

Sobha developers projects in bangalore dating

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I have calculated my financial loss to be about Rs. Be cautious of delay clauses: The flat was supposed to be ready by Feb Developers may also have a clause to pay penalty on delay. Ask them questions on, what it means in terms of actual completion.

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It means, Sobha completed that part of the project which gets them money on time and conveniently delays the rest for any period as they have already got their money including profits!! But look at these clauses carefully to see when they are not applicable and argue with them to change suitably. I only hope that this is not a new form of organizational cheating.

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Agreement Terms They are mostly one-sided. Very efficient cash flow planning with customers money indeed!!

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Sobha gives a date and when the date nears they postpone it by 6 months. Most probably, you will pay all the money at least 1 yr in advance, though they claim otherwise!!! The delivery was postponed 3 times till now. If the increase is substantial, then you will lose a lot.

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