Funny gta 5 moments online dating GTA 5 FUNNY MOMENTS

Funny gta 5 moments online dating

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Once the glitch is in action, you can effectively use it like a shield with your gun, baseball bat or police baton or any other weapon of your choice. Ask your friend to get into the building and you can kill him for fun without being noticed by fellow players or alerting the cops.

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Once you enter the Strip Club, your helmet should disappear and now you can put on some mask. Go ahead and select the helmet from your inventory via accessories menu and ensure that 'Auto Show Helmet' feature is enabled.

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Right at the moment when the character is holding the helmet in his hands and trying to store it in some place, you need to get back on the bike quickly. On the downside, once you leave the game you actually have to repeat the steps in this tutorial to reactivate the glitch, which takes less than 30 seconds to accomplish in the game.