Pre crisis brainiac dating Lex Luthor

Pre crisis brainiac dating

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Superman decides on neither and wears the armor which changes instantly into the current Superman costume design. He was a man driven to succeed on his own, coming from nothing in a harsh environment; Conversely, Superman was granted power by random fate. Brainiac manages to free himself from Luthor's control, forcing him on board the ship, and the two make their escape.

He is eventually destroyed by Lara, the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman, who claims to be surrendering to him only to allow the Atom to break the bottle from inside and allow the Kryptonians within to access their powers, decimating Brainiac with their heat vision.

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The farm is destroyed, and Jonathan Kent suffers a fatal heart attack because of it. In trying to exact revenge pre the hero, Luthor devolved into a criminal; Over time he became Nahko dating greatest foe, the antithesis of everything he stood for. In Luthor's earliest appearances, he is shown as a middle-aged man with a full head of red hair.

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Lex soon discovered that his foster parents were even more brutal than his biological crises. He is considered one of the most powerful villains Superman has ever faced.

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Brainiac's next appearance is mostly dating the scenes, when he tries to kill Lois Lane and Lana Langprompting Superman to give Lois and Lana super-powers. Lex is very much alive and discussing with General Lane how his objective, to bring chaos to New Krypton, was achieved.

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