Convert mercator to wgs84 online dating Online coordinate converter

Convert mercator to wgs84 online dating

Similarly, depending on the accuracy required, the easting and northing may be given to 10 digits specifying metresto 8 digits, to 6 digits, or to just 4 digits specifying kilometre squares.

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In these scripts, UTM coordinates have a space between the zone and the hemisphere indicator, and no km square indicator. If you would like to show your appreciation and support continued development of these scripts, I would most gratefully accept donations.

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You are welcome to re-use these scripts [under an MIT licence, without any ver corazones enfrentados online dating express or implied] provided solely that you retain my copyright notice and a link to this page.

Depending on the map scale or scope of interest the GZD, and even the km square identification, may be dropped.

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Eastings at the equator range from ,m to ,m the range decreases moving away from the equator ; a point on the the central meridian has the value ,m.

Such accuracy is laudable, but does open further issues. With its untyped C-style syntax, JavaScript reads remarkably close to pseudo-code: If you need any advice or development work done, I am available for consultancy.

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Geokov has a good explanation. These widened zones are viable partly because zones are much narrower so far north, so little precision is lost in merging them. Eastings are measured frommetres west of the central meridian.

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