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Gendrift simulation dating

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Groups that are geographically isolated with walls will lsg tenders dating end up with a different dominant color than the larger population. The founding group of individuals has a different genetic variability and distribution than the main population, so the frequency of certain traits may end up simulation dating in a different direction compared with the much larger population. A monitor shows the percentage of turtles sharing the most common color.

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If there's another turtle there, the "looking" turtle changes to that turtle's color. Think of other rules for turtle interactions, random or otherwise, by which a turtle color might "take over".

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By statistical advantage, a dominant color becomes more likely to have more colors like it. The idea, explained in more detail in Dennett's "Darwin's Dangerous Idea", is that trait drifts can occur without any particular purpose or "selective pressure". However, because the process is random, there will usually be a series of dominant colors before one color finally wins.

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