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Though his channel is in the top 10 most-followed on Twitchhe no longer streams on Twitch. Successes Of the top 5 most viewed Minecraft videos ever, 4 of them are his, with the top one Revenge at over million views.

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Explaining that balancing college and YouTube commentating is somewhat of a difficulty, Jordan stated that a gaming company, such as Valvesuited him the most. He always got good grades and did well academically but social interactions weren't his best forte.

He talked about it with his family and even though they were skeptical at first they supported him but his mom told him he would be on his own after quitting school which made him nervous but also became confident because of his current YouTube revenue.

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Due to this he spent most of his teenage years practicing skateboarding in which he even managed to appear in the local newspaper. The video is titled " Riding a Unicycle

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