Guanches mummies archaeology dating Guanche mummies

Guanches mummies archaeology dating

Finally, the deceased was wrapped in animal skins and laid to rest. A further 8 frozen bodies of women and children in seal-skin clothing were found at Qilakitsoq in Greenland, although these 'Greenland Mummies' are only years old.

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When finally buried the mummies were interred in family groups, and since the earliest Chinchorro mummies are children and foetuses, it is possible that women were the first to practice mummification in an attempt to keep their dead children with them.

According to a recent study by Fregel et al.

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A thick layer of ash paste was applied over the body and a stylised clay mask used to cover the face, painted with either black manganese or red ochre to give the mummies a rather clone-like, uniform appearance. Who built the pyramids, when were they constructed, and why?

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