Is america an oligarchy yahoo dating Is America an effective oligarchy now?

Is america an oligarchy yahoo dating

And then they created a kind of index based on the responses.

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In fact, as wealth becomes more centralized, economies become more unstable. After all, Google, Facebook and most Internet titans are instabang online dating by government projects; thus, their interest lies with big government favored by Democrats.

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Before I detail what a two-tiered system of citizenship looks like. The war on the poor is a war on all of us Oligarchy is the politics of preserving an uneven distribution of wealth.

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How can Americans continue to fight to spread democracy around the world, when much of the Republican agenda is taking freedom away from our own citizens? People that go on and on about the failure of democracy in the USA and how rich everyone is The government doesn't own the resources in this country, private enterprises do.

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Oligarchy means we are not a democratic-republic. The problem is that the vast majority of investments are automated computerized algorithms based on variables and information the public is not privy to, created by some highly paid mathemagician that claimed that the leveraging of all assets in existence produces more wealth for them.

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The new law placed restrictions on political donations. The majority of those receiving these benefits are disabled, veterans, the elderly, and the very poor, many of whom work one or more jobs but, still can't afford necessities and medical care.

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Average wealth per adult has declined over the last decade while the rich continue to get richer. They were wealthy Machiavellian elitist slave-owners, that didn't give a fuck about anybody but themselves and their project called the USA.

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What would Aristotle make of how the US is governed?