Dating chartreuse color Chartreuse (color)

Dating chartreuse color

I now think I know why.

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Perhaps i am babbling from the other side of looking glass,but it makes sense in a mathematical sort of way,sort of carrollesque intrigue. It startled me so much that I had to look it up and I was highly confused.

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I find it most interesting that the two colors in question directly oppose each other on the color wheel. Chartreuse is charming and quaint, worldly and full of history.

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I had always thought it was a magenta color. Some of the facts of science lie in obscure and forgotten works of dedicated scientists. I think everyone started thinking it was a redish wine color because there was at one time a redish wine called Chartreuse.

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I think that my mind made a connection. Puce is the color people associate with chartreuse.

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