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Bush correctly, he believes that between the creation atyears ago and Adam and Eve 21, years ago, there was the pre-Adamite period during which the dinosaurs roamed. Interesting analogy, since we can see trees growing from year to year, but where on earth can we see sand being compressed into stone each year?

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What about all the geological evidence for a much older Earth, I pressed on? He added that we are the only primate to have orgasms.

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Bush with those nutty American creationists! As we started our tour Mr.

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I told him about bonobos, whom Frans deWaal describes as a very sexual primate indeed, including copulating in the missionary position and apparently experiencing orgasms and if not then they sure seem to be having as good a time as we do during sex.

Those strata are laid down every season, like tree-rings, he explained.

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