Paula malcomson dating Paula Malcomson

Paula malcomson dating

Biography Actress Paula Malcomson came from Belfast, Northern Ireland and was exposed with constant violence and dissension at a young age.

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In addition to this, she is best recognized as Abby Donovan of the crime drama Ray Donovan. She became more noticed among other actresses.

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Enterprise, Deadwood, Lost, Providence and much more. Career Paula's role of Amanda Graystone in the spin-off series of Battlestar Galactica, named Caprica, is another role which had led her to higher fame and 217 delightful dating in the acting fraternity.

Paula has surely made a name for herself in the acting fraternity through several of her acting datings and scenes which she has portrayed on screen.

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After a year, she appeared in George P. Personal Life Paula Malcomson is an unmarried woman.

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Paula, who is now in her mid forties, looks younger than her age by several years. As to the siblings, she seems to have none of them. Apparently, this prepared her for acting.

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It brought Malcomson a great success as a performer.