Nurse and doctors dating The myth of nurses dating doctors

Nurse and doctors dating

The doctor stereotype nerdicus medicus is often described as a male, committed to tomopenem fdating work, one-sided, lacking appreciation of the arts, wealthy, materialistic, dependent on instant gratification, at times hedonistic and consumed with his own work and well-being.

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Most of the time they don't see you as equals and if they're into dating you, it's out of convenience. The best place to be with a doctor is the operating room. Sep 23, '07 by btown annie I guess the "office politics" part of it is what I'm questioning more than anything.

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They see guys of all ages and shapes with their pants down every day. Flirting with your doctor might give a sense of awkwardness every time the two of you bump in each other during the daily hospital rounds.

Just go out with one and two things become obvious:

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