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Once, as in the nights since her marriage suddenly turned on her—a Diablo who rent her being, whose arms uncoiled and vise-like gripped her, whose fists fell like volleys on target, most painful of all, it had felt, on her heart—we revisited old vistas.

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Fear, anger, resentment, and memories had gouged her insides; none of her pain relieving pills seemed to work, while the phantom within her kept chipping off parts of her. I had walked into her apartment some evenings when she needed me most and take the Chippendale rocker from across her on the couch. I often begged her to look out to the patio—she kept the blinds drawn.

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But she remained blind to anything beyond where her heart dwelt right then. As for me, her case mirrored my own vulnerability.

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With a pained twitch and a pained stare, she would flit away, the stranger taking her place in the couch once more. We sneaked into these, un-barred by time or space, her head propped on Victorian needlework encased cushions, a red velvet blanket drawn to her waist.

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Look, I would say, how spring has returned the same it had in the forty-six years you had lived in this hemisphere, how dead winter that you dreaded has slinked away—summer will again push the cold to no-memory. Yet, she had stomach cramps, at times, agonizing back pain, gsxr 1000 price in bangalore dating a hammering headache.

None of this melodrama really figured out in her divorce proceedings.

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One evening, what felt like a heart attack so alarmed neighbors that one had dialedand later, watched how gently the de le yahoo dating responders calmed her down. She had stared at me, seeing the empty space she laid out for herself with her obstinate heart. Pain wracked her, but no wound, fracture, or tumor confirmed a source.

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