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Jm jarre rendez vous dating

I was so impressed by the organic sensuality coming from Ray Charles's music — there was no intellectual process and it was great. The event was viewed by an audience of about 3.

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However, with only weeks to go, important equipment had not arrived and the sinking in the Atlantic Ocean of a cargo ship containing the purpose-built pyramidal stage and other technical equipment made staging the concert impossible. She is the goddess, the Maria Callas of the Orient. At the second venue, Shanghai, Jarre encouraged audience participation by stepping into the crowd, which became much more exuberant than that in Beijing.

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Early in Jarre met with local officials and members of the community, [46] but Newham Borough Council expressed their fears about the event's safety and delayed their decision on whether to allow the concert to proceed until 12 September [45] eventually rejecting the licence application. E-Project[80] comprises a number of collaborations with other artists.

Chinese officials solved the problem by temporarily cutting power to the surrounding districts.

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