Sailor moon dating simulator Sailor Moon Dating Simulator

Sailor moon dating simulator

You'll have to ask the girls out on dates, give them gifts and interact in other ways with the final goal of winning their love.

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So, the idea was to create quite a different game that would accent upon the girls themselves rather than upon their mission to fight evil and save the world. Manga harem for Sailor Moon fans The Sailor Moon Dating Simulator game saga is focused on the interaction of players with different female characters of the Sailor Moon manga anime series. The game series was created by Maraviollantes Description Edit The reason for starting development of Sailor Moon Dating Simulator is that among many official and fan-made Sailor Moon video games there are none belonging to the genre and to the genre of "bishoujo games" in general.

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Answers selected during dialogues on dates will eventually affect girls' feelings i. Answer correctly to win over the heart of Rei Hino.

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