Dating a dad blog names So You Want to Start a Dad Blog?

Dating a dad blog names

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Worth checking out for anyone looking for a laugh and possibly a few answers to some of the more puzzling aspects of parenting. In fact, sometimes our failures are the things that we write about to make others aware that when they fail they are not alone, but we are all in this together, growing, learning, failing and occasionally winning.

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The way I often select brandable names is to not go so far into invented names that you need massive buzz or huge budget for people to know what it is. Think of a favorite phrase, historical quote, song title, or line from a movie, that means something to you, or just sounds clever.

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Summary When inventing names for your blog, think about Who your blog is for What the reader benefit will be The personality you want to evoke Where and how you want to use the name Possible future directions How you can position against the established names Got any more tips or examples of brilliant blog names?