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MT Well put Andrea, I came down with a cold about a week ago, tried several remedies, went to the store today bought an onion sliced it and locked myself in my room for 4 hours and presto I feel sooo much better. Eating albino ears give you an homeopathic immunity boost!

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It sure is YOUR opinion. Low flu vaccinations that, in my opinion, will do more harm than good. You want your fucking proof. AND, Im gonna cut up an onion tonight, put some in my socks and some beside my bed. Im healthy because my body is not a graveyard Michelle Snopes tried to debunk the onion idea.

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This is the same reasoning that leads some folks in jessica rose lee dating who educated parts of Africa to seek out albino organs as a cure for AIDS. The sulfur compounds form a strongly scented oil, particularly the compound known as thioproanal-s-oxide or lacrimatory factor.

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Flu vaccines shed and infect not only the one getting them, but the ones who did not. In this article, the written suggest one should placed an onion when going to bed.

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