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Jacksgap and zoella dating

The hacker, who was apparently not Michael after all, wrote rude messages and unfollowed fans.

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On Instagram, Bryce responded to a fan who accused the best friends of lying. Making such cruel things up? As a result of their actions and statements, Michael might be pursuing legal action.

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If Bryce was sexually assaulted then why did he not bring it to the police? He was initially startled as his mentions started piling up. On Twitter, he liked a series of tweets by a fan.

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Would not be where I am today if it was not for him. Although the identity of the hacker was not known, Bryce immediately jumped to conclusions and accused Michael of taking over the account. Mikey Barone poses with Michael at a hotel lobby.

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The pair of them unfollowed Michael on Instagram as well. In response, Bryce claimed that he was not lying.

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He made several more cryptic tweets.