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Optimus vs fallen latino dating

On the back cover of the Petsitters book The Cat Burglar, the cat's name is spelled as "Sophia", but the book itself spells the name as "Sofia". I have to take a nap!

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In Celestia VS CleverbotCleverbot misspells Celestia's full name and title as "Princes celestia" in the original conversation chapter 2. Some writers change how you spell the name of Dinah Drake, the original Black Canarybecause she shares her name with her daughter Dinah Lance.

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Different volumes of the series also variably spell the name of the head of the Night Watch as Gesar or Geser. In terms of alternative spellings, we get Ragyo's name being spelled as thesaurus lingua latina online dating and Ryuuko's name being spelled as "Ryuko" and her nickname Riley, being spelled as "Rylie".

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And I'll get back to you on my last name. Whenever you read an article about this director have fun checking out whether his name is always spelled correctly.

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As it turns out, Shining Armor's legal name is "Shining Armour" but he doesn't use the "u". Some of the rip-offs of Emmanuelle spelled her name as "Emanuelle" to avoid law-suits for copyright infringement. Of course, this is after she requests to be called Cordelia

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