Cbs 3 dating show facebook password Facebook May Unveil VR Dating Show, Other Originals at Cannes Lions

Cbs 3 dating show facebook password

And the site is constantly under attack from hackers trying to spam these million users, or harvest their data, or run other scams.

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On "The Early Show on Saturday Morning," she spotlighted five dangers she says Facebook users expose themselves to, probably without aware of it: It is continuing to figure this out. Facebook's mission is to get you to share as much information as it can so it can share it with advertisers.

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They don't even have a revenue model yet. If you're not careful using Facebook, you are looking at the potential for identity theft, or possibly even something like assault if you share information with a dangerous person you think is actually a "friend.

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The potential for crime is real. It was estimated he had about 1.

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It is hard to compare this to others; we have never had this phenomenon before in the way people are communicating with each other - only e-mail comes close. These are real threats.

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